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This design is one of our famous shirts. This image represents peace within and declaring peace and love wherever you go.

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Do you have a taste for more? Megeli Kha has partnered with Majestic Body Sensations. We believe in having the best products but when we heard that the products are natural and doesnt contain perservatives!!! Hunty we were listening! All products can be used and are safe for children and adults Go see for yourself follow the link or place in your browser.


Matching T-Shirts

Offering T-shirts in all sizes and Variations. This includes sizes from our little babies to Toodlers. Hey Mom if you want to be different and rock a shirt we have a shirt for you as well.

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Dear Men

Hey you this is not only a store for women, babies and women. We have some uplifting items that you may enjoy. Our products are being added everyday. Some shirts even match with our toodler items if you have a child. Take a look around.


Baby Gear

Hey you, we have some cute little clothing for your adorable tot. Check out our selection !



Do you have a child that is interested in Minecraft or Roblox? How about we have a shirt for both. Or maybe you’re interested in Minecraft and Roblox yourself well check this out we have a shirt for you. Hey you don’t see your size send us the email I will try get the size for you.